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Shout Out to Kai

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It feels like I’ve hardly set foot back on Maui from the Hood River Paddle Challenge and I’m off and running again to Orlando for Surf Expo, but before I do, I want to acknowledge Kai Lenny and how proud I am of his recent accomplishments. Starting with an exceptional time in the Maliko Race, and unbelievable finish in the M2O Race’2012, and finishing with a dominant showing in Hoodriver in August . As his primary technique coach, I can only imagine his Mom and dad being more proud of him than I am. His level of commitment to his goals is unparalleled, his character is forged beyond his years and his spirit is as true as the enjoyment he gets from playing in the ocean. And while I’m fighting tooth and nail to stay competitive at his level, he is quickly becoming the big kid on the block in a neighborhood of who’s who. But don’t think for a minute that I will reward him with easier treatment. Quite the opposite, now that I, and everybody else know how capable he is, it’s going to be even harder training and stricter discipline to maintain his position. But before we go to the next level, I just want to pause and say “Good Job Kai, I’m proud of you.”

So when I get back from Orlando and continue to try and get myself and my Imagine Paddle Surf Boards better, you can bet that I’ll be “working” with Kai out on the outer reefs of Maui to take his wave riding to the next level too.

So while I’m enthralled in the creative process for the newest Imagine Paddle Surf Boards, you can bet that I’ll be working on getting myself and Kai to the next level of our individual potentials.