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Jamie Mitchell

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When you think of domination you think of Lance (7), Kelly Slater (9), Michael Jordan (6), Tiger Woods (although perhaps not lately), Kobe Bryant (5)… Read More »Jamie Mitchell


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What is it about gliding that changes everything?  The simple act of sliding across the water’s surface with the aid of gravity has a way… Read More »Gliding


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I’ve never made a conscious decision to try to inspire people, it’s a byproduct  of the things I like to do. But while it always… Read More »Inspiration

I win

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Three hours of stand up surfing on the south side this morning. A really good Maliko run this afternoon, plus I played fighter jet on… Read More »I win

Inner tube

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You’ve probably seen most of our dvds or the pictures in the mags, maybe even read some of the stories from surf journalist about our… Read More »Inner tube