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Costa Rica

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Costa Rica here we come. In just about two months the Kalama Kamp crew and I will be hosting our first camp in Costa Rica.… Read More »Costa Rica

Who cares

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It seems that everybody around at the beginning of stand up wants to claim that they were the one that started the whole thing. Who… Read More »Who cares

Use Your hips

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Many of the technical parts in a good stroke come from canoe paddling because canoe paddling and canoe strokes have been practiced and refined for… Read More »Use Your hips

One Fun Day

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A couple of weeks ago we had a very nice surfing day here on Maui. Here are a few shots from that day. Aloha, Dave


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Even though I missed out on the first phase of windsurfing’s pioneers, and their one design racing, their development of footstraps and short boards, as… Read More »Goiter

Star Struck

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Like a lot of groms from my era, I idolized many of the great surfers from the seventies, especially the guys from Hawaii. I loved… Read More »Star Struck