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Waterman Workout Trailer

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I’m working with some friends on a video of the beach workout I’ve been doing and developing since the mid 90′s. Anyone who’s been to a Kalama Kamp is acquainted with the workout. Somehow it has gained a reputation of being incredibly difficult–but it’s not. I don’t think a workout that is just a nagging chore, or some kind of gut-buster is going to change your life. I started out with one simple thought: A workout that you stop doing won’t do you much good. So I designed and perfected it as a workout I would never stop.

That means no gym membership, no equipment other than a slightly tricked out rope, and a lot of choices about intensity, time commitment, and accommodating injuries. You can do it at ANY level.

What’s different about my workout is that I’ve always tuned up the exercises to help me be a better waterman. When I find a weakness or a new challenge in something I’m doing I add exercises to help me prepare for it. Over the years that meant windsurfing, big wave surfing, tow in, foilboarding, bodysurfing, short and longboard surfing, Stand Up Paddle surfing, racing, downwinding and endurance events, outrigger canoes for downwind, racing, and endurance events. In other words, anything a waterman might do.

These routines are NOT about doing the exercises hard and fast, and this really isn’t a workout. It’s part of a lifestyle. Something you and I can be doing ten or twenty years from now. I’ve taught these routines to people at all levels of fitness, from super-athletes (including the 2006 Women’s Olympic Ski Team) who add them to their own routines, to very unfit people who want to change their condition. You can start this at any level and keep going. Make it your own, do it where you want, make it fun.

In the spirit of making it fun we’ve put together a few silly trailers. We’ll do something more descriptive later, but for now, this will give you a little idea of what we’re up to, and maybe put a smile on your face. I’ll add more later.