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If you have a bucket list and Namotu isn’t at the top of it, then put it there. I just got back from Namotu, Fiji and I can’t believe that I haven’t been there in eleven years. I used to go there at least once a year all through the nineties and a lot of times I would go twice a year. I used to look at it as my mental therapy. Sort of like before enlightenment, chop wood carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood carry water. Meaning life is so clear and simple when I’m there. No bills, no rush hour, no phones (though you can use one if you want), no driving, no kids fighting, no pressure!! Just surf, eat (great food), drink Fiji bitters and hang with your friends.

Scotty and Mandy (the managers) have done such a great job at creating a vibe that is just perfect for a little five acre island in the middle of paradise. Namotu lefts just seem to go on forever and are perfect for stand up especially when the current starts to move in or out. Swimming pools is probably my favorite wave in the world. You never feel like you’re in danger. You can long or short board it and again it’s perfect for stand up. It’s got a barrel then a big cut back, and it’s easy to square off the bottom and hit the lip. It’s just a really easy wave to have fun on. Imagine Malibu on it’s best day ever then clean it up a bit, crystallize the water, put the water temp. at 76 degrees, take away the crowd, put Tavarua in the back ground and ta-daa!!! You’ve got pools. Now that the reef rights have opened, if you want to step your game up you can go to Cloud Break, but it can be crowded so be prepared. I prefer the mellowness of the Namotu line ups.

The staff on the island are incredible and a lot of so called resorts could learn from them when it comes to hospitality. They are so friendly and greet you by name in the morning, and their bulas and vinakas never feel forced or contrived. In fact, I would say the friendliness of the people is just as big of a reason to go there as any. The snorkeling is world class and if you bring along non-surfing friends they will take you fishing everyday if you want. Chances are you will be eating whatever you catch by dinner.

I can’t tell you enough about how much I enjoyed myself while I was there. The group of people I was with helped to make it such a terrific experience. Chances are if you take a trip down you just might see me there. In fact I’m already starting to set up a Kalama Kamp on Namotu for next year. If you do one thing for yourself this year, do Namotu!